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"Spellbound" is an album composed by Mitchell Miller, with inspiration drawn from elements of fantasy, the enchanting sounds of Celtic melodies, and the distinctive rhythms of Eastern music to produce a sound that's both novel and captivating.

The ensemble behind "Spellbound" is composed of a talented and diverse group of musicians, including the string performances of Olga Ivanenko and Sarena Hsu on the violin, complemented by Joshua Goldstein on cello. Rhythmic foundation is laid down by Cameron Munoz and Mitchell Miller on percussion, further enhanced by powerful taikos performed by Kaz Mogi and Risa Isogawa. Adding to the album's unique sound palette, Mitchell Miller contributes the tunes of the Irish whistle, along with keys, piano, and the distinctive twang of the bouzouki, while Bryson Miller performs on oboe and bouzouki as well.

Each piece in "Spellbound" invites listeners on an immersive auditory adventure through landscapes of mystique and melody. Special thanks goes to Steve Porcaro for assisting in this album's creation.


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This is meant for content creators who want to use Spellbound in their videos, as well as audiophiles who want lossless, 48Khz/24 bit audio files.

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