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Personal/Non-Commercial Use

All of Mitchell's music up-to-date is available for personal use for free. You must provide sufficient credit, as stated below.

"Personal Use" includes:

  • Any monetized or non-monetized YouTube video, except if the video is for commercial purposes (Commercial Purpose Example: Selling your masterclass on Italian cooking and using a song in the promo video).

  • Any non-monetized remix, but please use the Contact Form for permission. Monetized and distributed remixes must receive permission.

  • Personal Websites

  • Non-commercial films and theatre (student films with under $1k budget).

Please use the Contact Form if you have any concern that your use of my music does not go by the "Personal Use" usage standards, or if you are in need of a High Quality file of one of my songs.

CREDIT FORMATTING: Please use the following format when crediting my music in the description of your video(s), credits of your film, etc. Please use the Contact Form for approval if you would like to give credit in a different format. Deviating from this format without express permission will be considered a commercial use, and will require a purchased license.

 Music Credits:
"Song Name" by Mitchell Miller

Professional/Commercial Use

Most of Mitchell's publicly released music is available for non-exclusive placements in commercial applications. Please use the Contact Form for all pricing information.

All other inquires regarding the composition or production of music, trailers, or scores should be directed to

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